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Having a thick elegant beard and moustache is just about every men’s fantasy, especially in India where facial hair is considered to be a matter of pride. For a lot of guys, maintaining a dense beard or moustache is synonymous with manhood and strength, whilst for some men it's obligatory requirement for their religion. Furthermore, it's also a fashion statement amongst several young men.

Previously people with thinned beard or blotchy beard confronted lots of humiliation due to very little accessibility to hair transplant. These days, beard transplant in Kolkata has made great progress when it comes to technologies. Everyone can get their dream beard in case the candidature is suitable.

The direction and angel of facial hair changes in different areas of beard and Mustache. As a result, beard transplant is much more challenging and complex. Beard and moustache transplant requires higher level of expertise and careful preparation by the doctor to comprehend the natural style of the facial hair. The beard transplant needs to be customized for every patient. Apart from this challenge, the surgical methods of beard and moustache transplant in Kolkata basically stay the same as in FUE hair transplant.

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Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard Transplantation is actually a daycare treatment method that typically requires 3-5 hours. Generally, the necessary hair grafts are accumulated from the back area of the scalp leaving little to no scars. The real reason for selecting the back scalp area as being the donor region considering that the hairs grown within this part appears particularly resistant against hair loss. These hairs are generally sturdy enough to stand up to the transplantation.

For beard transplant procedure, the surgeon generally separates the face into two parts – the horizontal part which includes jawline, cheeks and sideburns, and the front part which includes goatee as well as the moustache. Based on the degree of patches and preferred beard line, a person may need something between 1800 to 2400 grafts for effective beard transplant in Kolkata.

If the patient does not have sufficient hair within the donor zone, beard transplant can be carried out utilizing body hair from the backside, torso, legs or arms.

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