How Much Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Right up until a couple of years back, a hair transplant was considered a 'mysterious procedure' and many people looked at it with plenty of skepticism. They did not have any idea about how much hair transplant cost in India and thought that the charges must be way past their budget. Nevertheless, the price of hair transplants in India is fairly low - as low as 30,000 INR to get hair transplant surgery. The lower cost of hair transplants is..

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How to Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant?

Did you know that each and every day there are actually hundreds of FUE hair transplants happening in our city? Still, patients are clueless regarding how to sleep after FUE hair transplant surgery. For those who have gone through hair transplant recently, it's likely that you have the same query in your mind as well. Take it easy, you're a lucky person to arrive at our blog. We will be very privileged to provide you with complete guidelines regarding how..

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Do’s and Don’t of Selecting a Hair Transplantation Clinic

These days hair transplant is flourishing efficiently in the cosmetic industry. It is among the finest innovations by the medical science to cure hair thinning. Hair trasnplant is considered the most favored treatment for hair restoration in the modern era. Every single day we see a lot of ads in the newspapers or on the web about hair transplant surgical procedures and about its features. Recently, all of a sudden a lot of hair trasnplantation clinics are made available in..

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