Can You Get A Warranty And Refund On Hair Transplant?

The Indian medical field of hair transplant surgeries in the last decade escalated rapidly in popularity making it surpass its competitors, in the western countries, to claim as one of the leading country for hair transplant operations. Hair Transplant Warranty Being a medical expert myself I can understand the labor that a surgeon puts to deliver the best hair transplant. In a hair transplant, we are often asked whether the patient can receive a warranty on the procedure and a..

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Giga Hair Transplant- What Is It That You Must Know About The Treatment?

Hair transplantation is considered as one of the best treatment for hair loss and baldness. It provides natural-looking and permanent results to the hair loss sufferers. It is a kind of boon for millions of people who are facing hair loss and baldness. According to a report hair transplant is the only hair treatment that provides permanent results to hide hair loss. But patients are seen commonly asking that what are Giga sessions of hair transplants and when it is..

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Bald Men Have A Higher Risk Of COVID-19

Bald men may be at higher risk of suffering from severe Covid-19 symptoms, emerging evidence suggests. In fact, the link is so strong that some researchers have a feeling that baldness should be considered a risk factor called the "Gabrin sign", after the first US physician who was bald died of Coronavirus in the United States. The lead author of this important research behind the association, Professor Carlos Wambier of Brown University, claimed that they really think that baldness is..

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How Much Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Right up until a couple of years back, a hair transplant was considered a 'mysterious procedure' and many people looked at it with plenty of skepticism. They did not have any idea about how much hair transplant cost in India and thought that the charges must be way past their budget. Nevertheless, the price of hair transplants in India is fairly low - as low as 30,000 INR to get hair transplant surgery. The lower cost of hair transplants is..

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