Atri powred hair transplantation

Powered Hair Transplant

In this method platelets from the patient's blood is extracted and then these are activated. The activated platelets then release growth factors eventually boosting hair growth. These platelets act as catalyst after they are injected in the transplanted area, helping hair growth for the newly transplanted hair.

PRP or platelet rich plasma is yet another improved grafting technique that falls under the powered transplant method. PRP is actually blood plasma containing a concentration of platelets which is more than the normal count in blood. Pre and Post-Transplant addition of PRP prompts hair density.

Top Benefits of Powered Hair Transplant

  • Helps in getting beautiful hair with amazing quality
  • Because of the stimulation of the stem cells, the miniature hair follicles also starts growing after the boost and becomes adult hair
  • Balanced level of constant hair growth
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