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Best Hair Loss Treatment in Kolkata Offered at ATRI Clinic for Female

True to the dictum, “The hair is the richest ornament of women”, the female race can go to any extent to give their hair the finest care. Still, there are certain irrevocable conditions that cause excessive hair fall in women, which, at any age, is nauseating, annoying and frustrating. Well, hair loss may be a natural process; but premature female hair loss not only gives the patient a sense of ageing, but also reduces her confidence to a bad extent. This is where ATRI Clinic steps in and promises to provide the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata for female pattern baldness.

A Good Diagnosis is Always Required for Hair Fall treatment

There are several instances where it is seen that a bad diagnosis can lead to more complications and difficulties. The same implies with your hair loss problem as well. As there are a number of reasons for women’s hair loss and each case requires special treatments, it’s always important that you come across the right clinic and get your problem diagnosed by the expert specialists over there. Female hair loss treatment in Kolkata has now grabbed a new height with the presence of ATRI Clinic in the city.

With a host of MBBS, MCh professionals, we, at ATRI Clinic, promise to probe deep into your medical condition and offer the best treatment for the same. A head full of lush black hairs is something every woman craves for and helping you get your lost confidence back is the main motto we stand by. In detecting the exact reason for hair loss, a perfect consideration of the bald pattern has an imperative role to play. Our specialists have years of experience in hair fall treatment in Kolkata and make sure that you get the best value for your money.

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Reasons for Hair Loss

Although researches state that men are more prone to hair fall than that of women, hair thinning or female pattern baldness has also become one of the most common problems in more or less every household. From a simple vitamin deficiency to some severe health conditions, the reasons can be diverse in nature.

According to the hair fall experts at ATRI Clinic, the reasons for Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) are manifold and they are as follows:

  • Stress: Whether it’s a physical illness or a mental trauma, too much stress is always detained as one of the main reasons for hair fall. Hair growth has a calculated cycle and any disruption in the process can give birth to abnormal occurrences. Stressful events can alarm the hair cycle badly and as a consequence, female hair loss becomes a natural phenomena.
  • Alopecia Areata: As a common autoimmune disorder, alopecia areata has now become one of the most prevalent female hair loss disorders in Kolkata, India. Smooth bald patches on the scalp is the main symptom of the disease. However, proper medication can help you get away with the plight.
  • Pregnancy: There are many cases where pregnant women are seen to experience excessive hair fall and several hair related issues. The reason is quite simple. Pregnancy itself is a physical stress and during the period, hormonal change is a common affair confronted by the women. Consulting a good specialist is highly required at this stagefor hair fall treatment and a good diet along with proper medications will be the best solution in this regard.
  • Hereditary Issues: However, hereditary cause is something which you cannot avoid, in case your family has a genetic tendency towards this syndrome after a certain age. No matter how rigorously you follow certain medications, hair loss due to hereditary issues is never going to cure unless you opt for a permanent solution. Hair transplantation is the ultimate therapy recommended by the hair experts at ATRI Clinic. It will not only restore your lost confidence and zeal, but will also give the best worth for your money.

Do you have any of the syndromes? Are you in search of the best assistance in this regard? ATRI Clinic listens to all your problems and extends their helping hand to help you get away with all the hair related issues as soon as possible.

Hair fall Treatments We Offer at ATRI Clinic

Well, there might be a number of home remedies for hair thinning syndromes; but female pattern baldness happens to persist for long unless proper medication is given to the patient. Our doctos team at ATRI who rule out the improper medical conditions and start proper hair loss treatment in Kolkata for the females suffering from this syndrome. We suggest the patients to adhere to the prescribed solutions until they get a satisfying result. The hair fall treatment offered by the ATRI have an undeviating effect on the patient and with our avant-garde treatment, women’s hair loss in Kolkata, India has now become a trivial issue.

However, to have a permanent cure for female hair loss, hair transplant has always been the most recommended solution. We have a team of efficient professionals who work hard to detain the exact cause for hair fall and then, suggest hair transplant to ensure the permanent cure. Hair restoration surgery involves the removal of tiny strands of hair from the donor area and the transplantation of hairs in the recipient site. Now, if you are worried about the cost involved in the procedure, it’s time for you to know that we charge a price that will not create a dent in your pocket. So, what are you still thinking about? Enquire us today regarding hair loss treatment in Kolkata and be sure about getting your lost glory back!

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