Atri fue safe hair transplantation

FUE S.A.F.E- Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction

This method is originally patented by Dr. Harris now practiced in India and other countries worldwide. Harris S.A.F.E is a device that uses blunt dissection method to isolate the follicular units from surrounding tissue. Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction System (Harris method) is an innovative technology that improves the method of FUE.

This technique enables to perform specific follicular extraction without causing follicular damage and the loss that is often linked with traditional FUE method.

It has a rotating blunt punch that separates the follicular units from the surrounding dermis. The isolated follicular unit grafts are then removed with forceps, sorted, counted and then planted into the recipient area using standard techniques. For patients who lacks hair the advanced follicular extraction surgery allows to harvest hair taking from other regions of the body implanting on the affected areas.

Harris FUE S.A.F.E Advantages Include:

  • Anyone who wants to control and stop follicle damage can opt for this method
  • Does not require the donor area to all shaved
  • Increased donor hair is available due to less follicle damage
  • This long hair hides the extraction site and makes it almost undetectable
  • Reduced healing time
  • No linear scarring

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