Can You Get A Warranty And Refund On Hair Transplant?

The Indian medical field of hair transplant surgeries in the last decade escalated rapidly in popularity making it surpass its competitors, in the western countries, to claim as one of the leading country for hair transplant operations.

Hair Transplant Warranty

Being a medical expert myself I can understand the labor that a surgeon puts to deliver the best hair transplant. In a hair transplant, we are often asked whether the patient can receive a warranty on the procedure and a refund if the desire result isn’t achieved.

It needs to be understood that hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery and no warranty can be given to the patient that the result will be to his liking. Many times the expectations could be unrealistic and different from what the clinic has agreed with the patient. So, an objective way should be employed for measuring the hair transplant result.

Human hair cycle, states that about 10% of our hair lies in the telogen phase which means that these hair has fallen and are in the process of regrowth. So conclusively, 10% of the transplanted hair are going through this process and are not there, to be measured. So, if you allow another 10% loss of hair, during the transplantation process then any growth below 80% should be guaranteed.

The result of hair transplant also varies from one patient to another. If patients don’t follow the doctor’s advice the result won’t be visible or may be delayed. So, in such a case, a warranty can never be possible from the clinic’s side.

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Refund in Hair Transplant

Next, coming to the refund policy, hair transplant procedures involve a lot of hard work just like other treatments. There are numerous costs involved including the medication cost, the charges of doctors, the state of the art machines, etc.

In fact, of these costs, the clinic gets a nominal share. Also, the cost once involved in the hair transplant are permanent cannot be received back. For that reason, refund in case of hair transplant is never possible.

To avoid any miscommunication and hassles later on, it is advisable that you consult the best hair transplant surgeon and get all your doubts cleared before opting for the surgery.

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